Western Art Gallery

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          Kathy Fincher shares her love for horses, and her own personal stories, through the eyes of her childhood.  As a child, Kathy would jump off the school bus and onto her horse, Silver Star, and ride to the house.  Her early artwork was expressed on the pages of school books where her sketches of horses would gallop and leap into motion as the pages were flipped.   UnBridled Wonder TM rounds up two love:  Painting CHILDREN and HORSES.  Kathy's western paintings and sculptures portray her own relationship and journey with her horses that she fondly credits as helping her through the highs and lows of her teenage years.

          Kathy is partnering with Infinity Fine Art and Masters Editions to offer the finest Giclee reproductions of her paintings.


This painting involves the viewer for the stick horse is looking to us for help. The stick horse's eyes will track and plead for you from any part angle. Note that the large horse and the stick horse are identical in color. The youngest Buckaroo, McNeil, had very little fear of horses, so it was difficult to get him to act scared. His older brother, on the other hand, had no problem with giving the artist the perfect expression!