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Kathy has more than 100 paintings of children, as well as, other designs. She will be happy to help with graphics or product development designs and ideas.

DEMDACO Inc. - Mama Says(R) giftable figurines and musical snow globes, wall art, plaques

DEMDACO, Inc. Big Sky Carvers - UnBridled Wonder Collection

Western Bronzes and Western Nativity. Wall Art and Home Decor

Harvest House Publishing - gift books

Hi-Look - silk cleaning cloths

Lang - calendars, Christmas cards, puzzles

Legacy, Inc

Leanin Tree - counter top cards, card assortment

LifeChecks - Personal bank checks, address labels,

inspiration cards and checkbook covers

Malhame & Company - Catholic gift products

books, bibles, cards, photo albums, remembrance box

Regina Press - Catholic books and paper products

Roman, Inc. - commissioned artwork for 1st Communion product lines

Roman, Inc: Cottage Garden - music boxes

Kathys images are not available for personal websites as it is a conflict of interests with her licensing relationships

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