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The Children's Table

Artist: Kathy Fincher
Dry pastel on Canson paper

Selected as a finalist by an international Japanese Artist magazine

The story 


            When did you graduate from the children’s table?  This painting portrays our daughter, Kelley, centered, with her cousins on each side.  They are seated at the children’s table for Thanksgiving dinner while the older cousins and adults are seated at their own table.

           Look closer…Kelley, the youngest, has a plastic sectional plate and sippy cup.  Her oldest cousin, Brandon, (with his elbows in his plate), has a large plastic cup while his younger sister, Amanda, is trusted with a glass.

        Two years ago, this painting became an answer to prayer.  Maggie, our oldest daughter, was moving to the mission field.  I selfishly prayed and begged for God to show me a sign to make me feel better…and He did! 

        When Maggie arrived in San Hose, Costa Rica, she was interviewed in the home of her host leaders. Maggie stopped in her tracks and pointed to a painting hanging on the wall in their living room and said, “That’s my sister and my cousins” in that painting.  The missionary leaders added that it also reminded them of their children, which is why they bought it.  Eventually they understood that “The Children’s Table” REALLY was her sister and cousins! 

              This year, I had the opportunity to meet the host family in their home. God has given my husband and me complete confidence for the choices Maggie, and her husband Jonathan have made for their lives, and for their children.


An answer to prayer can reach into every doubt, anywhere.


 “Praise the Lord.  Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.”

Psalms 106:1 

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