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Wings of Protection

       For more than a century, the message of the Guardian Angel has offered comfort to millions of Christians around the world.  It was painted by H. Zabateri (c.1918) as a postcard. “The Guardian” was later reproduced in color by Lindberg Press. Since this giclee is being released in the Appalachian Mountains, you may find it interesting that for over 100 years the painting was embraced in the Appalachian Mountains by German communities, Protestants, and Appalachian families. Although the original artist was German, the original pictorial setting is based on the mountain’s treacherous hill- sides, rotten bridges, and rushing rivers.    


       I learned this aspect of the painting’s history after completing “Wings of Protection”.  This is my first painting since moving into our new home on a mountaintop in the Appalachians!  I was inspired by the same mountains more than a century later.     



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