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            For more than a year, Fincher traveled to Washington observing and collecting  quotations that she found from our founders  as well as, paintings and inscriptions  proclaiming our Judeo-Christian heritage. “Freedom of Worship” reveals more than 40 of these findings.

*  The original Constitution spells “Congress”  in Old English.

*  The original Constitution shows our freedom to worship as article III.       rather than Article I.

*  A photograph of Moses is on the left side of the image. (Taken by a sign that says "No Photography".)  This larger than life bronze of Moses holding the Ten Commandments overlooks the Library of Congress.

*  Of the twenty-three great lawgivers thoughout the centuries, Moses is portrayed as the most prominent in the House Chamber.

*  Look for more than 30 locations of The Ten Commandments in the U.S. Supreme Court,  

*  The Ten Commandment's locations in The National Archives.

*  Quotations from: * George Washington, * Benjamin Franklin *Thomas Jefferson.

*  Find scriptures from: *Psalms *Proverbs *Micah *John etched into these buildings.

*  There are paintings in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol of:

a Baptism, prayer service, Bible study, praying with Pilgrims. A painting of an Israeli woman is praying in the Library of Congress

*  The heart of our Nation’s capitol forms the shape of a cross…

*  A Bible is laid within the cornerstone of what Monument?

*  The Giant Bible of Mainz and the Gutenberg Bible are permanently on display in what building?


*  The U.S. Congress pursued the printing and reading of Bibles in our schools. 1782

*  ”In God We Trust” is on our currency and four other locations in the image.

*   “God Shed His Grace on Thee” is etched over the Senate entrance of the U.S. Capitol.

*  The Preambles of all but two States honor God. Two states do not have Preambles.

*  The Liberty Bell has a verse from Leviticus etched into it.

*  The capstone of the Washington monument says “Laus Deo”, discover its meaning.

*  “The National Seal says “Annuit Coeptis”, discover what it means.

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