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The Nativity Collections by Kathy Fincher

All Collections are Retired. 

         Regardless of the artistic medium, Kathy Fincher's artwork ALWAYS shares an inspirational story. This is especially true for the Mama says... and UnBridled Wonder nativities with DEMDACO.

         In an intimate and unique way, these Living Christmas stories share the message of Christmas endearingly expressed through the eyes of children.  They also offer many lessons.  The Mama says...children are wearing costumes from their church.  The UnBridled Wonder children are wearing "treasures" collected from around the barn.

         The Mama says...(R) Nativity, and the western UnBridled Wonder Nativity tell the individual stories of each Biblical character on their bases.  All relating scriptures, New Testament and Old, are listed with each individual figure so you can learn how the birth of Jesus is foretold in the Old Testament.  Even the role of the animals! 

         Consistent with Fincher's work, there is a personal life application lesson for each piece.  For the Mama says... nativity, the lesson is from the heart of a Mother; "May my child, like Mary, nurture a servants heart."  The UnBridled Wonder characters offer a prayer to Jesus; "Dear Jesus, like Joseph, may I listen to you and not follow the herd."

        The Mama says...collection has a heart hidden on each child, for your mother's heart is ALWAYS with you.  (You couldn't get rid of it if you tried!) The UnBridled Wonder Collection has a hidden cross on each child.

       The artist has two recommendations for parents.  

*  Begin your Christmas season by pulling out each figure individually and read their story.  If your children are old enough, look up and read aloud all scriptures.  And together repeat the life application prayer.  

*  Place a magnifying glass with the nativity.  Don't miss the details like the safety pin on the back of the Mama Says... Angel Gabriel, or the details of the bandannas on the UnBridled Wonder Nativity. 





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