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"Here's the Church" was scheduled for it's unveiling at The World Congress Center, but something happened...

                It was exciting to partner with Somerset House Publishing, one of the country's top publishers. Plans were made for the painting's unveiling at The World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. However, the painting remained veiled, the building was silenced, the frame and gallery industry did not have its convention. All municipal facilities closed, for the events of 9/11 shut down every convention planned in the U.S. on that particular weekend.

In spite of this, the unlimited edition of "Here's the Church" sold out it's first year!  After some personal soul searching, along with the positive feedback that I received from collectors, I came to the conclusion that the church family was concerned about its traditions.  As contemporary worship became more popular, there were concerns that children would not be taught those timeless songs, poems, and traditional themes that were repeated from generation to generation. ​​​

          In creating Little Lessons of Faith, I wanted children to experience a personal relationship with Jesus, but in a traditional light; Light being the key word.  Without light, I'm not excited about painting.  Using the stained glass windows from our church, which portray the life of Christ, I began to paint the youngest members of our church family interacting through song and deeds.​​​



There are more paintings to be done.  Don't hesitate to share with me your ideas!​​​

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