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In January 2015 the Mama says...(R) registered trademark will celebrate twelve years; the second oldest line next to

Willow Tree.  The every day sculptures are retired, the Nativity is still available.  Check the store to see if any of the retired sculptures are available.


Mama says...(R) sculptures bring Kathy's paintings of children to life. The quality of the sculpting is especially appreciated when seen through a magnifying glass. As many as thirty colors, many reflecting the palette of the painting, set this collection apart.

"When Mama says something, she means it!" Therefore, Mamas emotions are written in bold letters. Each expression is followed by an attribute sharing what mama's want to teach. Its those same endearing inspirational messages that Mama's throughout history have repeated to their children.

These scriptural lessons of faith, important in raising children, makes this collection popular with grandmothers, great grandmothers, sisters, aunts, teachers, friends, and dads! The Mama says® Collection will encourage you and it will take you back home.


A heart is hidden on each child because a mother's heart is ALWAYS with her children.

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