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Mom's Accident
         Two weeks ago on Saturday afternoon, mom's wonderful nurse decided to take her to see her sister Ann Odum.  It is an unadventurous wheelchair ride to see Ann so of course mom loves it! (Although it is a lot of work for the nurses.)   On the way home, the wheelchair got stuck in the mud in front of Bill Head Funeral Home on Hwy 120 in Duluth. The nurse tried pushing and pulling and finally went to the front of the chair and lifted and pulled.  Mom came flying out and landed on top of her.  I can't image how in the world the nurse managed to get mom back in the chair with her on top. However, mom did not appear hurt. 
       For the next two days Mom had visitors and told them about the accident.  She laughed with Ann and Kathryn, but a few days later on a Monday night when Francesca returned, mom screamed when she was being re-positioned.   Bill took Mom and Francesca to the emergency room at "Fancy Glancy" in Duluth and she managed to get the last bed in the hospital.  The emergency room doctor showed me the x-rays and her femur was broken and separated.
       There were health complications that delayed her surgery. The surgeons did an excellent job and she recovered well from having a plate put in her leg.  However, she had complications, including congestive heart failure that weakened her so that the family chose to move her to Peachtree Christian Hospice across the street from the hospital.
       I was able to ask Mom’s permission to take her there.  She agreed that we could all have a more meaningful time together if she were not in pain.  We feel such a peace to be there and the feeling was instant. 
      Our family is handling this very well.  We all love mom so much but we know that she loves a new journey, and this one she is ready for.  She has no problem trading a wheelchair for wings.

We love you,
Kathy on behalf of the Andrews Family

      Our family is so grateful to Martha and Bill Todd of Peachtree Christian Hospice for taking the reins and guiding us to this facility of which they have built and cared for.  As a community of faith, we have loved their charitable hearts, we thank them for listening to their call, and each and every day we appreciate their hard work.  Thank you for creating a sanctuary that offers nurturing rest and a peaceful environment as we prepare to send “up” our loved ones to heaven.

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